Gruaud-Larose, Château - St.-Julien

In 1757, Joseph Stanislas Gruaud founded a large vineyard in Saint-Julien, bringing together three Crus. After his death, Monsieur de Larose took over the estate and attached his name to Château Gruaud-Larose. Due to inheritance division there were two Châteaux Gruaud-Larose between 1865 and 1935, the Gruaud-Larose-Bethmann and the Sarget. Désiré Cordier bought Gruaud-Larose-Sarget in 1917, and in 1935 he succeeded in acquiring the Bethmann part and reuniting it.

Since 1997, Gruaud-Larose, with its impressive 82 hectares of vineyards, belongs to the Merlaut family, which is proud to be the first classé in Bordeaux to do the cultivation without using herbicides, pesticides and insecticides.

On the label is the self-confident slogan: "Le vin des rois, le roi des vins", the wine of kings, the king of wines.

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