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With a lot of experience and a wine trained nose and taste, we are always on the lookout for the best wines in the respective category in order to offer you the best possible enjoyment. Over 1,000 red, white, rosé, sweet and sparkling wines at fair prices are waiting to be discovered. Our focus is on Europe, with its classic wine-growing regions in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Croatia, but we also have some fine wine from oversea origins. Contact us, we are happy to help.

  1. Quinta Santa Cristina Vinho Verde Grande Escolha
    8.92 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  2. Montote Sauvignon Blanc Rioja
    14.39 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  3. Maria Mansa tinto Douro Quinta do Noval
    19.73 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  4. Predicat Priorat Grifoll Declara
    15.05 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  5. El Gos tinto Grifoll Declara
    11.4 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  6. Chianti Classico Casa Emma
    straightforward, authentic
    2020 Chianti Classico DOCG, Casa Emma
    21.2 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  7. Reuilly Antoine de la Farge
    17.27 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  8. Governo Torre IL Cerreto Toscana IGT
    was €10.95 Special Price €9.99
    14.6 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  9. deAetna Rosso Terra Costantino Etna DOC
    30.4 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  10. Vinho Verde Alvarinho Trajadura Qunita de Santa Cristina
    10.87 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  11. Leth Zweigelt Rosé young and fresh
    10.87 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  12. Billaud-Simon Chablis 1er cru Les Vaillons
    66.53 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  13. MasQueNada Monsatrell-Syrah
    9.99 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping
  14. T-Cuvée Bianco Cantina Tramin
    11.33 € / L Incl. VAT, Excl. Shipping

We offer you a wide range of different wine styles and tastes. From first-class everyday wines to high-quality premium wines from the most famous winemakers and growing regions. Dry wines are the main focus, but also milder or noble sweet wines have their place at Maluni. Everything for the right occasion. In addition to conventionally produced wines, we also have many products from organic cultivation and also some so-called natural wines, in which no or very little sulfur is added.

Wine from France is one of our passions, the globally valued wines from Burgundy, from Chablis to the Côte d'Or to Beaujolais, noble Bordeaux from the Médoc, Graves or Saint-Emilion / Pomerol, or the fabulous sparkling wines from Champagne are available, as well as elegant Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir or Cabernet Franc from the Loire, where the powerful Chenin Blanc should not be missing, or the beautifully harmonious red and white wines of the Rhône and Languedoc-Roussillon, where you can find real bargains.

Italy is well represented, an extensive range of South Tyrolean wines such as Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and many more. Or the reds from Lagrein, Merlot and Cabernet. Soft white and red wines from Friuli, the versatile Piedmontese, from the delicious Barbera to the great red wines such as Barbaresco and Barolo, as well as super delicious sweet Moscato. The Sangiovese from Tuscany should not be missing, of course, and Italy's south with its juicy, charming Primitivo, Negroamaro or Nero d'Avola are also numerous.

Spain and Portugal often offer an incredible amount of wine for little money. Even in classic regions with prestigious wines such as the Rioja, the Ribera del Duero or Douro, you can find great and affordable wines, if you go to more unknown areas, such as the white wine regions in northwestern Spain (Rueda or Rias Baixas) or the red wine regions in central and southern Spain, sometimes you can hardly stop being amazed. Excellent made wines that inspire!

Germany with its famous Rieslings and the Pinot Noir, which is advancing further and further into the top of the world, is currently still being developed, but new and exciting producers are constantly being added. We are looking for young, ambitious winter talents, of which there are currently many to discover.

Austria is also very important to us, where the Grüner Veltliner and the red Zweigelt from growing areas such as the Wachau, Wagram, Weinviertel and Burgenland delight the palate, of course there is also a selection of fine Burgundy varieties, Blaufränkisch and great Riesling.

Follow us on social media, our Youtube channel Maluni TV provides information on all kinds of topics and questions about wine, and we also present growing areas, grape varieties and winemakers whose wines we discuss in front of the camera.