Roda - Rioja

Bodegas Roda is one of the big names in Rioja and we are happy to be able to offer you these wines here.

Roda belongs to the new generation of Rioja Bodegas. Founded in the late 1980s and with a philosophy away from the barren and wood-loaded Rioja style of the classic bodegas towards wine production from perfectly ripe grapes. They wanted to produce spectacular and modern wines and put this into practice with determination. Paradoxically, today almost all traditional wineries, the great classics of the region, have followed this example. Wine made from ripe grapes is simply better. Yes, that might be worded a little badly, but it's true. For decades, the Rioja simply made poorer - or at least not optimal - wine across the board.

This work goes back to Carmen Daurella and Mario Rotllant, who founded their winery in Haro, the center of Rioja. The qualitative basis are the old vines, sustainable management in harmony with nature and oenological know-how.

Roda cultivates an area of 120 hectares, 70 of which it owns, 50 hectares from contract winegrowers who cultivate their vineyards in accordance with the Roda philosophy. The quality of the winemaking is the top priority, all the berries pass over sorting tables, only the best material makes it into the press and then into the fermentation vats made of French oak. The expansion then only takes place in French oak, which differs from many Rioja bodegas, which also like to use American oak for their wines.

All these efforts result in the wines RODA and RODA I. They differ in character, the RODA (formerly also called RODA II) has more red berry aromas, the "I" is aromatically darker and more voluminous.

As a wine icon, there is also the rare Cirsion, a selection from the best grapes from Bodegas Roda. Roda wines are an experience in every class!

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