Drink Big Primitivo & Co. red wine tasting box

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Our drink Big Primitivo & Co. contains six bottles of southern Italian red wines, which are characterized by a fruity-juicy taste, as it has brought the Primitivo in recent years, to great popularity.

"Drink Big" stands at MALUNI for: drink something good! It is worth it! With our Drink Big tasting packages, we offer you a selection of high-quality wines in a price range for everyday consumtion, which reflect the character of their grape varieties and cultivation areas and have an excellent price-quality ratio. Let yourself be convinced by the variety and quality of our wines. We wish you a lot of fun during the tasting.

SPECIAL PRICE: instead of 45,40 € (6 bottles + postage) only 39,99 € - free delivery!

Drink Big Primitivo & Co. contains one bottle of 0.75L each:

2020 Primitivo I Muri, Farnese (Art. 36000)2020 Primitivo Casato di Melzi (Art. 36043)2020 Primitivo Conte di Campiano (Art. 36104)2020 Appassimento Conte di Campiano (Art. 36109)2019 Aglianico del Vulture "Pipoli", Farnese (Art. 352002019 Primitivo-Merlot "Zolla", Farnese (Art. 36058)