L'R, Domaine de - Loire

Frédéric Sigonneau makes fascinating Cabernet Franc wines , which grow in the AOP Chinon on his Domaine de l'R. He started in 2007 as a biodynamic winemaker in the Loire valley. In addition to dispensing with chemical aids, what also means the minimal and absolutely necessary use of sulfur, often only in the vineyard to control mildew. The "Vin de France SO2" is even produced without the addition of sulfur. In the cellar the wine is treated as gently as possible, it is moved by gravity. Fred Sigonneau sees the future of wine making in returning to natural winemaking as it used to be, but with the knowledge of today. The "R" of his domain therefore stands for words such as Renaissance, Reviens-y (Advance) and Retour (back to the roots).

The wines of the Domaine de l'R have an unusual power and dynamism for red Loire wines, they are wild, even a little impetuous when freshly opened, but they develop refinement and charm after a few minutes of breathing. They combine the power of Bordeaux with the freshness and elegance of a Burgundy. Great and individual wines . Bioweine ABCert.



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