LePlan Vermeesch, Rhône

The Belgian trio behind lePlan is: Dirk Vermeesch, former rally driver, Ann Vermeesch, who was dedicated to the sport of rugy, and hard rock musician Sébastien Barbara. With their passion for good wine, theyfounded their winery in SUZE-LA-ROUSSE at the southern Rhône valley and make supple and high-quality wines, which are described in Robert Parker's Wine Advocate: "Dirk Vermeersch, former racing car driver, making sexy, full-throttle, pedal-to-the-metal GTwine ... " The collection impresses in everyrange, the GP (Grand Party) wines, which are aged in steel tanks, which convince with uncomplicated fruitiness and lots of charm, the AOP wines of the RS series (Recolte Selectionnée) and the premium wines called GT, which stands for Gran Terroir . The labels are designed like checkered flags.

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