Château Vermont - Bordeaux

Château Vermont is considered one of the best wineries in the Entre-deux-Mers area in Bordeaux. As early as 1874, the then authoritative wine guide Féret wrote: "This vineyard has always been considered as one of the first growths, not only of the region but of the whole Entre-Deux-Mers". An unofficial 1er Cru in Entre-deux-Mers. Respect!

The winery has been owned by the Dufourg family for four generations. Today, Elisabeth (née Dufourg) and David Labat run the estate with great passion and with the aim of bottling outstanding wines in white, rosé and red. A lot was invested in the vineyards and a new, state-of-the-art wine cellar was built. Since 2019, we have also been certified with the HVE3 level, which defines environmentally friendly cultivation methods to protect biodiversity.

The Chateau Vermont wines are an excellent choice in every class and are characterized by brilliant winemaking with a lot of sensitivity. Quote from the Vermont website: "Between boldness, modernity and tradition, we place great emphasis on producing wines of quality and elegance that are representative of our unique terroir."

The various series of the winery are “Fusion” for modern, catchy wines with a fruity character. For this purpose, two of the traditional Bordeaux vines are always combined to form a blend.

The "Chateau Vermont" series is dedicated to the traditional wines of the region. The white wine sits on the lees for a long time, the red wine in barrels. The selections from the best plots and oldest vines are bottled with the addition “La Grande Reserve”. New is the Cuvée l’Âme, which is aged in new barriques and shows what is possible in this region.

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