Prosecco Frizzante Biscardo 0,75L

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The popularity of Prosecco is unbroken. The fruity sparkling wine from Italy can only be grown in the province of Treviso in Veneto and consists of the Glera grape variety (until 2009 this vine was even called Prosecco). The Prosecco Frizzante contains less carbon dioxide than a sparkling wine/spumante/sparkling wine and is ideal as an aperitif or to accompany a social gathering. Prosecco is a fresh product: it should always be consumed young and not stored for long.

The Prosecco Frizzante from Biscardo/Mabis used to be called MaurizioBMartino. It has a pure light yellow color. The scent shows white and yellow fruits and a delicate floral note. It is soft on the palate, well balanced and shows the almond note in the aftertaste that is typical of a Prosecco. A delicious Prosecco.

Optimal drinking:    now
Analytical data: 11% ABV
Ageing: In steel tanks
Grape variety: 100% Glera
Closure: Screw Cap
Type: White Sparkling Wine

Distributor: MABIS s.r.l., IT-37047 San Bonifacio (Verona)
Product from Italy - contains sulphites