1953 Vin Jaune Côtes-du-Jura, Louis Cartier 0,65L

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70 years old!
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Good condition, fill level top shoulder. The capsule (sealing wax) has signs of age. The picture shows the original bottle.

Vin Jaune (= yellow wine) is almost indestructible, age often has little effect on these wines, since they were already oxidized when they were aged.

Here is my note on this wine from 2020, the bottle I tasted had a lower filling level than the one offered here: Beautiful clarity, intense straw and walnuts. Grippy on the palate, great acidity in the background that breathes life into the wine, very long, balanced, no trace of tiredness. Perfect match for 12 month old Comté. It lasts a long time. Frank Rembold

Of course, we cannot guarantee enjoyment with such old wines, as each bottle can develop differently. However, we only buy from reputable sources and offer you bottles that appear authentic and in good condition from the outside.

Optimal drinking now until 2035+
Analysis Data No information on the label
Extension in wooden barrels
Grape variety 100% Savagnin
Closure Natural cork
Type dry oxidative white wine

Distributor: Louis Cartier, Negotiant a Poligny-Jura

Produced in France - contains sulphites