Fabrizio Dionisio - Toskana

Fabrizio Dionisio has created a special winery. In the southeast of Tuscany, on the border with Umbria, he has planted his vineyards almost exclusively with the Syrah grape variety, which grows particularly well here, some even claim that it is the best Syrah in Italy. This grape, which comes originally from the Rhône valley, is considered to be locally indigenous to Cortana, as it has probably been cultivated here since Napoleonic times. This is why Cortona is also known as the Italian Côtes-du-Rhône.

The first harvest of the winery was in 2003, since then the quality of the wines has improved continuously, the winemaking process here is modern, but emphasized handcraft, which here also means almost predominantly manual work, from the vineyard to the cellar. Fabrizio Dionisio wants to make wines with soul and to compete with the best Syrah wines in the world. Numerous awards show that this project is successful, such as at Gambero Rosso or at Veronelli's.

Fabrizio Dionisio: “I like to create, every year, real bottles of terroir which can accurately and sincerely express that particular vintage. I like to create a wine that can tell the autumn rain, the winter frost, the summer hot days and cool nights, the colours, the sounds and the smells of that very vintage with its unique and unrepeatable characteristics. That’s the way in which our Syrah of Cortona is created in our vineyards, following the rhythms of nature.”

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